Monday, June 28, 2010


The main issue in revived Bhopal Tragedy is somewhat muffled. Arjun singh was made scape goat as everybody knew that he will not let down Congress establishment a well as Rajiv Gandhi. To me it seems Arun Nehru who was the defacto boss, iodeologue of corporatisation of Indian polity as well as Congress Party and manger of Party and had thrust his pro business particularly pro -American multinational ideas over the congress Party was one of the architect of the infamous escape of Andersson made possible. Rajiv too was naive in politics and badly surrounded by likes of Arun Nehru who got Babri mosque lock opened thus inviting pandora's box and ultimately mauling of Congress Party in successive elections and rechristening of Congress Party from Nehru-Indira path to borrowed path of Reagan-Thatcher path of extreme right.

THe biggest culprits are the two Chief Justices Pathak and Ahmadi . Ahmadi diluted the case , Pathak went many steps ahead and presided over the out of court settlement with Anderssons for the paltry compensation with consent of the then govt of India.Pathak cleared them of all crimes going beyond offering different interpretation which can be surmised as wilful dilution.

Where does it come from? Paradigm shift away from Nehruvian formulation of Building Independent National Economy, Mahalanobis-Feldman model of planning, Non-Alignment and Socialistic Pattern of Society to Market as the engine of economy ,World Bank -IMF and MNC dictated Globalisation, Washington consensus brings urgency and gullability to forgive Union Carbide as it brings American investment inspite of its sure hazardous nature.The mad rush for foreign direct investment instead of self reliance is the real script of Bhopal tragedy and the Indian govt assisted escape of Mr.Andersson.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Ajatshtru

Well ! Ajatshatru might be a mythological figure; but it connotes equanimity as well as a stoic personality ,which is hardly swept away by ups and downs of life and world. Well that precisely would be my endeavour in days to come.
I suppose objective conditions are quite right for an Ajatshtruian attitude and life style. With hostility towards none and celebrating a space for justice and calm as well as concern , commitment and compassion for all is afterall not a very bad idea. So let me start this journey towards "Ajatshtruism"